Dreaming of the Darkroom

Dreaming of a Darkroom at Thumbnail Designs

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I hit up a tag sale at an arts collective downtown. I love a good tag sale find and the potential of finding something fun and creative was too huge a pull to walk away from. And my instincts were right! We walked through the small-ish tag sale pretty quickly, but then found the photography section and picked up these three beauties! Old cameras. I couldn’t be happier. And they work, too, so they have the potential to be so much more than just decorative. They were also selling a bunch of darkroom equipment. …

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Kitty Harbor Calendar: Hot Off The Press!

Kitty Harbor Calendar

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this project for a few weeks while it was at the printer: Hot of the press is the 2017 Kitty Harbor Calendar! This design had been done by a volunteer who moved too far away to continue so I took over the reigns this year and did the photography and pre-press work for the shelter. Taking photos of cute cats is my kind of volunteering! Kitty Harbor is a wonderful no-kill non-profit cat shelter located in Griswold, CT with so many wonderful cats and kittens up for adoption!

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Food for Thought

Photographed by Thumbnail Designs | http://thumbnail-designs.com/

I’ve been enjoying taking photographs more and more for my clients lately. Especially food photos! These three shots are from The Back Porch Restaurant in Old Saybrook. (Yummy, right?) A couple of years ago I purchased a new lens for my camera and it made a huge difference — I love the short depth of field! I also edit my photos in a way that embraces depth and highlights rich colors. All photographers have different styles when it comes to their photos and I seem to really by finding my visual “voice” which is exciting. Anyhow, if you’re feeling hungry I recommend …

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Visiting the Blind Cat Sanctuary…

I was lucky enough to be doing some traveling the beginning of this month — seeing Asheville, Savannah, Charleston and the Outer Banks to mention a few of the stops along the way. But, only I would want to plan a stop on vacation at a cat rescue. Now, hear me out — this was no ordinary rescue. To start, it was a sanctuary. In other words, every cat there never has to worry about finding a new home ever again. But, more than that, it was a sanctuary for blind cats, and other less adoptable ones (with FIV and …

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