Dreaming of the Darkroom

Dreaming of a Darkroom at Thumbnail Designs

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I hit up a tag sale at an arts collective downtown. I love a good tag sale find and the potential of finding something fun and creative was too huge a pull to walk away from. And my instincts were right! We walked through the small-ish tag sale pretty quickly, but then found the photography section and picked up these three beauties! Old cameras. I couldn’t be happier. And they work, too, so they have the potential to be so much more than just decorative. They were also selling a bunch of darkroom equipment. …

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“Obvious State”: My new favorite Etsy Shop

I love Etsy. I’ve said it before so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I love anything handmade as it has a story and a uniqueness that other things don’t have. So, I browse the site often looking to see what’s new, and happily my latest find combines two things I adore — good design/illustration and books. Literary posters — what’s not to adore? Obvious State is the shop of Evan Robertson who is a writer and illustrator in NYC. Visit his shop to see the fantastic work — I can’t wait to buy one as soon as …

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Are you ‘pinning’ yet?

I’m guessing you’ve heard of it by now — the visual pin board site on the web, the latest addiction where friends need “Pinterventions” — yup, Pinterest. If that word doesn’t ring a bell, then you’re in for a treat. While some people are groaning at the idea of yet another social media site, take a minute with me before you dismiss this one. Pinterest, in one sentence or less, is a place for you to create your own virtual pin boards and “pin” images found on the web to them for future use. It’s your own inspiration scrapbook, but …

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