Compassion for 2016

compassion for 2016

Tomorrow’s the election and I think everyone is going to be happy for it to be over and done with. As far as voting goes, I’m not writing to try and sway you — there’s enough of that going on already.

What I’m writing about isn’t Tuesday, but Wednesday. We are going to wake up Wednesday morning with some very happy friends and neighbors and some very disappointed ones. And that disappointment may escalate into anger and dismay. And yes, even fear. And the potential results from those emotions scare me. So much anger and hate has bubbled to the surface during this election. Will the losing side act on those emotions? Will the winning side gloat and stir even more division?

With these thoughts and fears floating around in my head, I’m writing to ask of all of you to let our differences and disagreements go after the results are in. To understand that whatever comes, we can work together to make the best of it. Let’s remember that while we have divided forces and put ourselves into different parties, we started all of this not as opponents, but as friends and family, neighbors and co-workers.

Those connections are so much more important. On Wednesday morning, let’s do our best to lift each other up and to come together again. And yes, I’m writing this in part to convince myself. It’s so easy to just say “hey, I voted for the other guy.” and throw blame. But, blame gets us nowhere. What we will need is compassion and teamwork. And love.

Am I over-reacting? Maybe. Fearing the worst? Probably. But, maybe some others have the same fears. Maybe I’m writing this post for them. Maybe the party I want to be a member of on Wednesday morning is the Compassion Party. Where love conquers all and all members are welcome, no matter their political affiliations.

compassion for 2016