New Website for Addent, Inc.

Addent, Inc. New Website, designed by Thumbnail Designs

We’re very excited to announce the launch of an updated website for Addent, Inc., a company dedicated to advancing dentistry. Their old site was starting to feel a bit dated and needed a refresh to match the look and feel of the latest ads we’ve been designing. This new fully responsive site also aimed to make it easier for viewers to find the information they need with more structure and better organization of content. We’re very excited with the final result! View the live site here.

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Compassion for 2016

compassion for 2016

Tomorrow’s the election and I think everyone is going to be happy for it to be over and done with. As far as voting goes, I’m not writing to try and sway you — there’s enough of that going on already. What I’m writing about isn’t Tuesday, but Wednesday. We are going to wake up Wednesday morning with some very happy friends and neighbors and some very disappointed ones. And that disappointment may escalate into anger and dismay. And yes, even fear. And the potential results from those emotions scare me. So much anger and hate has bubbled to the …

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How to Convert a Logo to Vector

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago on how important it is to have a vector-based logo. But, I think there still needs to be some clarification on how to get your hands on one. If you don’t yet have a logo and are working with a designer right now, then you’ll probably be fine! Just double-check with them that they’re designing the logo in Illustrator or another vector-based program and you can relax. However, like most established businesses, you probably already have your logo and may not have it in vector format. This is where things get a …

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Dreaming of the Darkroom

Dreaming of a Darkroom at Thumbnail Designs

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I hit up a tag sale at an arts collective downtown. I love a good tag sale find and the potential of finding something fun and creative was too huge a pull to walk away from. And my instincts were right! We walked through the small-ish tag sale pretty quickly, but then found the photography section and picked up these three beauties! Old cameras. I couldn’t be happier. And they work, too, so they have the potential to be so much more than just decorative. They were also selling a bunch of darkroom equipment. …

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